MH370 newest: Malaysia Airways aircraft brand SPOTTED within the Cambodian jungle | Bizarre | Information


The passenger flight carrying 239 folks went lacking on its journey from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014 and it’s unconfirmed what occurred to it. Mr Boyer has been investigating this space within the jungle north of the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh since tech skilled Ian Wilson first observed it on Google Maps. The satellite tv for pc photos present white spots on what seems to be a disturbed forest mattress.

Each males declare the white spots are particles from the crashed aircraft and Mr Boyer has spent a while understanding which items every of them are.

He stated: “I’m sure to have discovered MH370.

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“I’m not simply making a conspiracy however I’ve proof with calculations, measurements, evaluation and counter proof in the direction of the flaperon ‘discovered off Africa’.

“I’ve numerous satellite tv for pc imagery though they aren’t good high quality I’m able to piece them collectively and get onerous proof.”

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The ‘flaperon’ referred to is part of a aircraft’s wing that was discovered washed up on the island of Reunion off Africa’s southeastern coast, and believed by some to belong to MH370.

Mr Boyer dismisses this declare, focusing as an alternative on the Cambodia web site.

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He stated he has not solely recognized from the grainy photos which elements of the aircraft he believes every white space to be, however even thinks he has discovered the brand from the tail and physique of the plane.

Firstly, he refers back to the picture he believes reveals the tail of the aircraft.

He stated: “This reveals the brand of the jet, which is crimson.

“Within the satellite tv for pc picture you possibly can see a crimson tint and I even used the brand pasted on the second picture to point out a illustration of how completely it matches on to the pictures brand.”

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The aircraft fanatic additionally believes he can see the “Malaysia” brand that runs throughout the physique of the aircraft.

He stated: “You’ll be able to see on the underside left above the home windows there’s blue writing over the home windows.

“The highest left picture reveals the writing the place the ‘y’ tail is decrease than the remainder of the letters within the phrase.

“Beneath the tail of the letter ‘y’ is a lacking window similar to MH370.”

Mr Boyer has additionally recognized what he believes is the turbine engine, fuselage and cockpit of the Boeing.


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